Most pet owners, especially dog owners have always combated the rabies virus by visiting veterinarians and injecting anti-rabies. This is the wisest move as pet owners before waiting to be infected by this kind of virus brought by our pet. It is not new to us that rabies virus is deadly if not being treated immediately. However, there are cases that even pets that have been injected with anti-rabies virus infected pet owners once bitten. In cases this might happen, you need to immediately call travel dog groomer. 


What are the signs of rabies? Usually, the initial symptoms of rabies may appear days after being bitten or even years. Have you observed that the bitten area begins to tingle, prickle and begins to itch? Have you felt tiredness, body pains, nausea, and headaches? Have you experienced fever a few days before being bitten and started to lose your appetite and experienced nausea? Have you misunderstood this as flu symptoms? You better immediately consult a professional on this matter rather than being sorry because it’s too late to be cured.   

Have you imagined a few days after being bitten by animals or pets with rabies virus? We are fully aware that the rabies virus attacks our neurons and makes it difficult to function. As pet owners and animal lovers this will help you identify that you are already infected. This will be the symptoms you might experience neurologically: Experiencing irritation and aggressiveness, you might experience seizures, you have the difficulty to move parts of your body, hallucinating is also part of the symptoms. Being too sensitive to bright lights, loud sounds and touch is also signs that you are infected with rabies virus and needs immediate treatment. 

In addition, if you observe that someone produces too much saliva and has difficulty swallowing because of the muscle spasms on their throat, you might advise them to go to professionals in this field and be cured. Since if this case worsens, mouth foaming might appear, this kind of scenario is one of the signs of rabies infections that was dated long time ago and up until now. Have you heard about a particular person who was bitten by animals that eventually created a fear of drinking water or even the water itself? This might shock them but this is the most dangerous sign that rabies virus lives on your body for quite some time.  

Aside from the symptoms or signs we experience as humans, we can eventually identify if the animals, especially our loved pets which are usually cats and dogs, possess rabies virus. After being bitten, we should still give so much care to them but with safety measures not to be bitten again. If you observe that after 10 days your pet that bites you gets sick and dies, then this will be the confirmation that they are not rabies-free and you must start to seek professional help. 

We should always remember not to feel scared or afraid of being treated with rabies infections since at this moment there are medications that can help you and can declare you a rabies-free individual.